I Have No Idea

I’m wrong. Exactly wrong. Totally wrong. Why I have to mess up everything and repeat it all over again. And again. And again?

I’ve ruined my elective paper. That’s pretty cool huh? Dammit! I thought I can make this one better to cover my Research Method. Again!

I’m not blaming others but myself. My brain screwed up! Crap! I even hate to type the word B.R.A.I.N because It’s nervous matters. It’s psycho. It’s Neuropsychology.


I’ve never write all the scientific essays into sastera thingy! I’ve just done! Clapping hand on the earth. Clap. Clap.

That was my stupidest mistakes for  doing this. I know I could do better, but I just don’t know why I’m not so.. so.. so what it supposed to.


Nonsense. I’m not.

Yeah. I read the only notes I wanted to and so confident that the other two I left will not come out, or at least it can be chosen. It’s differ to my core courses where basically the 2 to 3 notes at the end of the semester won’t be asked too much. It just different and I was not figure it out!

That two notes that I’ve not even touched came out! Guess what it was 30 marks each and to make it worst all the notes that I put effort to read and remember, not even a word appeared!

Padan muka aku lah kan!

I should think that Dr. Rosdan won’t have that much time to read the answers script plus we already have C.A for his topics.

I should think it.

Life’s moving on. Keep on walking or crawling, Huda.

p/s: right after handed my answer shit sheets,

“Cik Linda. Nak minta maaf awal awal. Saya tak perform langsung,”

Deep down, Dr. Rosdan, forgive me too. 😦


~ oleh INFINITY di November 9, 2009.

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