Sebelum tu, Farah.. Happy BirthDay Dear! I don’t think you’ll drop here. Well, it’s OK then. Thanks for inviting me to you birthday party. I’m going to answer here for those questions during Truth or Dare. Is OK, isn’t?

Few questions.

Who’s the medical student I’m soooo into?
Huahua. None of them now. Hihihihihihi. That’s why I refused to answer-lah Nisah and Fatin. I’m unpredictable, easily gettin’ bored and yeah for sure, I’m easily to change if anyone easily to change too. 🙂

Why do I deleted my Friendster?
Well, I signed up back actually. But, FaceBook more interesting, so I just let it to be ‘sampah’. Hihihihi. 🙂 Erm, why do I? Because of somebody.

Then, who’s that somebody?
Somebody’s somebody now. T_T

Let say X, Y, Z. hihihi. 😀

Why do I really like Prof. Din?
Hmmm. Not only him. Other lecturers too. Dr. Normani, Prof. Madya Dr. Rosdan, Dr. Zuraida, Cik Linda, En. KE, Puan Niza, all the clinicians too. All. All okeh.
All including the ORL lectures. They’re cool!

Maybe I should add this, it’s because Prof. Din, Prof. Madya Rosdan, Dr. Zu and Dr Normani are my doctors as well. They help me to get better. It’s not LIKE, it’s RESPECT! 🙂

Why I really love to use ‘COMEL’ as my trademark?
Well then, I’m ‘COMEL’, right?


p/s: Happy belated 21th birthday Farah. May ALLAH bless all the way through. 🙂
p/s/s: Banyak smiley kan entry ni 😉
p/s/s/s: Umar’s updated here.


~ oleh INFINITY di September 6, 2009.

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