My Heart’s Feeling Better Whenever I feel Lonely

I know it’s hard to adapt any new situations. It’s even harder when the situation is not as we hope to. Well, it’s not going to be my reasons to feel depressed. I know when I can crying badly over the unpleasant situations. I know when I should ignore all those bad thingy. I know when I should comfort myself. I know when I have to wake up and stay stronger. I know when I need motivations and being motivated. I know when I can smile the way I smile to the world though they hate me. I know how to calm myself when people wrongly judge me.  I know I’m not that tough but yet not that weak.

From now on, I found the place make me so in peace. So in innocent state. So in purity. So in love. So in smiling and smiling and smiling.

I really would like to thank to those who involve in creating DKECEK. (Deaf Kids Excellent Kelantan, lupa the exact name-lah. Kelas insentif untuk kanak-kanak bermasalah pendengaran).

Medical student may not even realize this, so do Dental. But PPSK should say yes. It’s beside the Unit Kemudahan Makmal. It’s a heaven place to me whenever I’m so depressed! When I have free time even for 10 minutes, I’ll drop by here.

It was so touchable when those kids already recognize me not as a stranger. They are smiling when I stepped in. They come to me and show me a unique gesture that resembles me. The hold my hand when class ended and bring me to play with him/her. They’re smiling innocently.

They can’t speak but they smiling.
They can’t say what they wanted to but just pointed.
They can’t shout ‘hoorey’ when I said it happily.
They can’t say whatever thing that I hoped them to.

But they run with me. The jump with me. They play hide-and-seek with me. They make something and showed up to me. They kick the ball with me. They running try to catch the ball together with me. I love them. They make me laugh even I won’t expect they can hear me laughing. At least for now.

But speaking is a process. Learning is a process. Hearing is now become a process though.


And their don’t complaint thing make me stronger. I want to help them, as they’re actually helping me now. Building up  high my spirit to make a better feelings throughout these whole semesters. They help me to stand up tall. They make me believe in myself that I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO IT!

Their smiling I placed in my heart deep down.

One day. One day. One day.

I hope, when I step in. I will hear voice,



~ oleh INFINITY di September 3, 2009.

4 Respons to “My Heart’s Feeling Better Whenever I feel Lonely”

  1. help yourself to help others, you can do it 😀

  2. Jull, oh thanks a lot. 🙂

  3. it’s very nice.kak huda i’m eighteen years old

  4. Oooo.. candidate SPM ke?

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