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“Gab (Gabriel), what’s your favorite color”
“I’m going to change my braces stuff-lah. So, what color?”
“Eh? It’s only silver, right?”
“Yeah for the metal. For the getah boleh pilih-pilih. Need to replace each month. Hei, what color?”
“Green? Blue?”
“Blue for sure no. I don’t like blue. Green, pink, purple, red, black already used,”
“How ’bout yellow?”
“Hayya. Why everybody suddenly loves white and yellow? Well then, I’ll choose yellow as almost everyone vote for yellow. Hihihihi,”
“Why you ask me?”
“Because you’re my best side-to-side friend in the class-lah Gab,”

I thought yellow will be cool but oh no! It’s so ugly!
I thought I will be OK and used to each time I change my braces’ stuffs, but hell no!
I thought it will be less pain compared to the first time but already two days I feel that worst throbbing.
I thought that ….

The worst,
I thought that I’m strong enough to face my clinical year but yet, I’m NO.
I thought that I can manage myself to be Audiologist as my carier but I can see it’s darker now.
I thought that I’m not going to cry, but i just did…

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~ oleh INFINITY di Ogos 28, 2009.

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