Hey Friends!

Well I know what’s right,
I got just one life,
In a world that keeps on pushing me around,
But I’ll stand my ground,
And I won’t back down.
Hey baby,
There ain’t no easy way out,
Hey, I’ll stand my ground,
And I won’t back down.

Assalamualaikum WBT.

To all my dearest friends, I’m so much sorry. Terlupa yang khamis baru lepas berlalu and my first mission as the first motivator for my beloved friends untuk menaip ini tergendala. The audiology yang comel. It’s already friday.. Maaf ya. Oh sorry.

3 weeks berlalu. Maybe the most dificult part is our clinical session. As for me and maybe my dear partner, Zu, it’s almost the scary part. Completing history, doing the test, discussion session, looking at each other when no answers appear in mind, smiling with a blast of shame in heart. Oh!

Dear Zu,
My partner through this whole semester, I guess the whole first and second year too. Ya, nama kita atas bawah je. Hoping that you’ll be patient with me, with my all sort of questions, with my unpredicted mood and of course with my sicknesess. You know I’ve balance problem, right dear? ABR room will be difficult for me and really thanks for holding me last week. Yeah, I admit it, you’re the soft spoken partner I ever had. Thanks ya dear Zu! We’ll make our clinical session much more interesting than before! Ganbatte minju shushi!

Dear Reen,
Hey, the happy-go-lucky dear friend. The kek gula hangus maker. And one of my reference friends when exam is just around the corner leper. Thanks dear! And, anyhow, bank in from bank islam to maybank actually can be done, but I still fail whenever i try it. Oh! Poor me. So, how was this past 3 weeks. Is it OK? I think there’s no problem when it comes to you, right? You’re one of the great problem solver i guess. Whatever it is, don’t forget to educate me too ya? Hehehhee. Don’t be zombiey too! Good luck friend!

Dear Izza,
The nice pretty friend in class. The Audeehuha group too. I don’t think you’re that HUHA. Kuangkuang. Hey, be patient with your all print copy and money stuffs ya, dude! Hehhehe. Well, don’t forget to find the SCALP thing that Mr. Khairi asked us about how cross-hearing travel through skull. The first ‘S’ is skin. The others? Up to now, I’ve no ideas about that. Sila jangan buat-buat lupa, okeh? Hehhehehe. Well, the zibang girl..sorry if you don’t like that ‘zibang’ way, but I found it too nice for me to remember you. Is it OK, dear? May this semester be your lucky semester and for sure for the next next next semester too!!!

Dear Izzah,
Hohoho. The ‘slang/dialek’ yang kuat girl. Anybodies will know which country do you come from. (Being honest, I don’t know. Is it Kedah?). So, did you already get the spirit for clinical? Thanks for asking me for few questions. For your information dear friend, when I explained something to you, I’ll always look back to the notes or books so I won’t give you wrong information. It’s adding up my knowledge when you asked me whatever questions. Thanks very very very much for including me as one of your friends list to ask for. May you and me become the best give-and-take friends ya!

Dear Aisyah,
Hey! The up-to-date friend. Most of the thing you’ll be the first to know or the first to involve. Oh! And of course the ‘theater’ girl too. How was it? Well, I don’t think your clinical session be so difficult as anyone else including me, right? You already got much experiences especially being a distractor. Anyway, please guide us also if we make something wrong but in a proper way okeh? Best of luck ya!

Dear Riduan,
Hey the only boy in the class for this semester. How are you?? Hahahha. Ayat konon-konon bagus. Feel so sorry for your dear lappy. Did you buy the new one or send it to the clinic for proper management? Hoping you’ll read this even no lappy with you now. No worries, each notes will be hard copied by our dear Izza, right Izza?? As you’re the only one who get proper training for vestibular rehab and more specific, caloric test, why don’t you continue that for you thesis sooner? I’m not interested even being one of the patient who suffer from it. Huhuhuhu. One day, we’ll call you as Riduan the Vest. Who knows?

Dear Laili,
My ex-roommate. Oh, first of all, so much sorry for my bad behaviors during our ‘roomaties’ year. So sorry. The only friend I have here, Blok B. *sigh*. But then. I’ve never see you here. Where have you been, dude? Hahhaha. Don’t get shame to come 012 ya? My room. So sorry. I can’t climb up to your room. My leg does hurt! Again, so sorry and let us discuss few things regarding clinic or may be pretend to be patient-clinician-report stuffs? I’m so bad to be the clinician. Hoping i can be just lecturer and researcher only. Oh! May best things appear later on and forever in your life, friend!

Dear Kak Ermy,
Even Kak Ermy is not in the list, it is unfair for me to unlist Kak Ermy. I’m so jealous with you for sign language abilities. Wah! Wishing I can be one of the person that having chance to learn it. May be from you? As the matured member in the class, please guide us to be the better person especially to be the best clinician. ESPECIALLY me, the unpatient person. Oh. Best f luck, Kak Erm.. (blame Ika. She’s the one who teach me to call your name by this ‘Erm’. Hehehhe)

Dear Nad/Nadiah,
There are two ways to call you. The only ‘Nad’ or ‘Nadiah’ with strongly /h/ sound. Hehehhee. Notice that. Friends listed above and below, please notice also, okeh? So, how was clinic? With three person including the only guy in a group, I think it is reducing scary part of the question-and-answer session, huh? Hopefully. I think it runs smoothly, right dear? If it’s no, no worries, everybody just feel the same too. Hohohoho. May everything turns up so nicely.

Dear Azah,
The best helper ever! The indescribably thanks to be honest! Thanks for being beside me whenever I need help especially accompanied me the night before the operation yang tak jadi tu. Huhuhu. And thanks for sharing your ‘Yaya’. And take a good care for my stuffs and especially ‘Loyie’. May be you don’t know that my bear has name, and he’s boy. May your clinical session building you, yourself as tougher as days coming. Everything happens, happens for reasons and remember, it’s just only for our good! An Everest of luck for you, dear! Man tajtahid, tanjah!

Dear Ika/Atiq,
Uweek!!! Hahahhahahaha. The Tomoko yukiko (weyh! Maksud dia apa?) Hahahhaa. The sleeper and the mata kuyu girl in the class. Don’t watch movie too muchlah. May patient like ‘Aya Nee’ will get their best medications! Hey Ika, how are you? I hope you’ll always be fine. I hope you’ll bring me the lauk kampung each time you went back. Aku tak rasa hari itu sebab aku sedih, you know why, right dude? Semuanya ayat poyo sebab aku tak ada idea nak tulis untuk mu. Maybe I just get bored to be the same room since we’re in form three? Alasan! Anyhow, see you in HUSM perhaps (mu takyahlah kerja jat sini eh, aku nak kerja kat sini) next two year as an audiologist! The difference? I’m prettier than you!  Selamat maju jaya. (Skema habis!)

Dear all friends!
No matter how hard it turns to be, we’re having each other! Yeah, tidak boleh dihalang perasaan itu, sometimes, we may angry with somebody, being unsatisfied towards each other, and much bad (all the ngumpat-ing stuffs), it’s normal human feelings. Don’t make it as reasons. As for me, I admit I always being so rude and un-nice (ada ke perkataan ni?) to all of you, each of you. Forgive me for really my bad. Each time I take my sleep, I remember each of you and of course my bad parts towards you guys. It just me, and the way I am somehow affecting you. So sorry. So sorry. So sorry.

However, completing each other much important, right? I have my bad, you have your good, we’ve each other. Forgive me as the way human supposed to be. Well, see all of you my best buddies next two years no more as a student, but audiologist! We’re going to share all new and interesting cases of our patients and helping each other at different hospitals but same hearts!

From now on, ganbatte! Do our best to reach that two years later!

p/s: Tomoko, your time will be coming after mine!

Ini adalah emel berangkai setiap minggu untuk kawan-kawan audiologi kesayanganku. Semoga, setiap patah kata bagi setiap minggu dari kita semua will motivate us to be much better.

Strong man stands up for himself.
Stronger man stands up for others!

Be strong then, friends!


~ oleh INFINITY di Julai 24, 2009.

Satu Respons to “Hey Friends!”

  1. bt0l2..tomoko yukiko tu tgk movie byk sgt.. ari tu nisah g bilik dia, dia tgh tgk movie..hehehe…

    hahhaa. dia tu memang!

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