Full of regrets!
It’s hard to forgive diri sendiri, bukan?

Wish I have better answers.
And none is coming though!

And became my freaky Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday and back to Saturday.

When I open my eyes, everyday, it seems now full of regrets.
Heart broken.
Wishing life just like a cd player.
Playing whenever I want.
Rewind, foward, fast rewind, fast forward, pause, record and.. stop!

I’m crying deeply inside.
No one knows.
No one understand.

And its hard for me to make you understand.

I found its hard to show my love to anybodies. Parents to be exact, all people around on the other hand. I don’t know how to make things much simpler.

By now, I’ve  to agree the word of  ‘complicated’, that always put on me. That always even best describing me.

I feel lonely.
I feel much sicker now.

Hold my hand please, please, please…..
I need you.

I feel there’s no such cruel person like me. It’s hurt! Why it has to be me? Just give me the reasons, or let me being not me anymore. The better of me.


~ oleh INFINITY di Mei 31, 2009.

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