Would I?

Would I marry me?
One of the questions from Sis Zabrina I think. Forgot. Is that simple?

Would I?
NO at the first place and YES after considering and reconsidering .

Its not the question actually. Yeah. Introduce. Better answer for kinda short essay.

Now the real question is,
Would I really want my name to be included in those ‘thank you card’ or ‘appreciated letter’ so the whole world can damn view it? I just wonder why people like to like people who comforting them for things that they’re actually created it and damn have their own solutions but seeking others to comfort them instead of they, themselves.

And yes, I don’t understand why people always looking sicker but they’re actually healthier than they do? Thy’re pretending, aren’t they?

Why people don’t trust others?

I made a conclusion that we’ve done things that could’t be trusted therefore we knew why others couldn’t gain our trustworthy? Am I right? Is there any other way around better explain it?

I believe all people but I don’t believe their nefariousness as I don’t mind to give my advices. Is up to you to take or leave it because my word is sword. It hurts. But life’s hurting though, huh? I’m good in advising but not well to repeat it over a time.

It’s pretty bored when you keep saying you can’t do this do that.  By this chance you seek another person much better than me, you think. Person that having more and more time to hear all the same stories with different phrases, different climax, different metaphors but same ending.


So, you excluding me in your list of appreciating? Do you think its bother me? No it don’t! And I’m feeling better out of it!

People seeking you because you’re nicer than me doesn’t mean I’m idiot than you. People search for you because you’ve what they want to hear but somekind of saying truth in the thicker of mist so people left me. They left without realize that what I said is the truth’est’ that the’ve to face but they don’t really like it because its hurt.

Truth or Lies then?

If I need you, seek you, searching you for conclusions, for answers or even when I’m in miserable, you just have to know that I’ve already tried the very best of me but blind to see the end of tunnel. So, please be my eyes then.

I don’t mind if its hurting me as long as it’s the truth I’m seeking for. Yes, I will be more miserable and screwed up but I’m rational. The longest time taken to get ok was 2 weeks, the shortest was couple of seconds.

Yes, I need your advices but holding my hand and giving tighter hug is more worth. I’m from Venus, that explained why.

I don’t need card, appreciate letter. I just need your smile saying that you’re already cope with the problems that counted my sword words in. Hurt but worth it rather than soft but futile.

So, which one’s better. 

Would I trust me?
Would you trust youself?
Can you trust me?
Can I trust you either?

Just let the question left, right to be unanswered.


~ oleh INFINITY di Mei 13, 2009.

Satu Respons to “Would I?”

  1. Sis Zabrina yg tulis Life is an Open Secret tu ke?
    oh, aku baca gak buku tu.

    aah. aku first beli buku tu sebab kaler dia hijau je, kemudian aku suka sebab best! hehehe

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