I Feel Flies in My Heart

2 papers to go.

I won’t  say it is killer paper though it is. As for me, each paper has its own killer (I can’t figure it out what’s the best word to put). Mind was black out perhaps.


I can feel flies in my heart. It’s uncomfortable. It’s narrowing my mind. It’s declining my attention level. Nothing’s left!

I can do nothing, as I need somebody to talk to which now none of them appear, I felt it’s easy to say something by writing.

Again. Perhaps.

I don’t know what happen but what I know, I feel something. Something like flies flying violently in my heart. Deep inside. Its not pain but its dull.

I’m downloading something. Please USM, don’t interrupt the internet connection right now. Begging ya!

I hate numbers! Damn hate it. I’m going to face it day after tomorrow, biostatistic. But the most scary part is tomorrow to be exact, Neurology.

That flies, do we can consider because of neurology?

Yeah! Neurology, it’s ‘nervous’ system matters.



~ oleh INFINITY di April 27, 2009.

4 Respons to “I Feel Flies in My Heart”

  1. feelin bad aa?exam will makes my nerves stuck…hahaha

    always. hahahahha

  2. bosan la peksa..sekolah..

    aku sedih nana. Sekolah menyedihkan.

  3. yeah…sy tau perasaan tu…makin nak study,makin nak nangis n makin xtau ape nak buat…
    xpe…bile dh berlalu,mesti ada satu perasaan kepuasan yg tak dpt digambarkan=)

    tak de kepuasan. Langsung.

  4. nway,gud luck n all da best=)

    perhaps. huhu

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