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Sungguh memenatkan untuk difahami, but doesn’t mean DUNIA HARI SEMALAM is SIMPLEST. No and never! Well, just because i was born to be in this real word, facing it and even swallow it..so, here I am! Talking and thinking..opps, should be thinking and talking by using this seriouslly small medium but give different big impacts. Hopefully. Just see the result for PRU, siapa sangka? Im too small to talk about it yet, not that interested and good enough for sure. Just let it be but think it wisely, insyallah you’ll get the point. What point?? Again, think it!..

Huh..fewh! That’s the first thing here. Why? Busying updating my ‘clown’ blog that already gave me unpredictable moment. You know what?? Till now I couldn’t understand why sometimes my words will turn to the smallest size which is unreachable to read. That’s da one, the other worst one is it spoilt the whole of my page! Damn!! And here you go..it seems like all things healed! BUT, prevention..before I post something, I have to check it all, one by one, code by code..wah! Tiredness and some stupidness appear! Aduhai. What type of me..this is who I am. Never ever satisfy and at da end, always wish if I could return. Fewh..whatever. So, the time taken to finish new entry becomes longer. Fewh again!!~
Stroke and I

Why? Two weeks ago, I went to my ‘kampung’. My aunt..she got stroke. I do feel sorry for her. Raya this year she still ok, but just one second..
“Apabila Allah mengkehendaki sesuatu terjadi, maka terjadilah ia..”
I couldn’t prevent him yet anyone can’t. When I back, another visitors sisited her. So, i just helping my other aunt. A few hours later, I came near to her. The saddest..she didn’t even jnow me. At all! The worst she knew my name but the image of me my be different to her cerebrum. Therefore, Syida(me) then different to her. That might be another ‘syida’ in her mind. She knew Syida is her bro’s daughter (my dad)..but it wasn’t. And she scolding a bit bacause i stress on word that I am her brother’s daughter. Then, I just trying my best to hold my tears from flowing down!
Long time ago, I never care what the STROKE mean, but now..i am finding whatever relates to it. The info, the causes, the treatment, the that, the these..just to know, understand and applying. I got the answer..
“Prevention is better than cure”
Whoever know this but just a few realized and take actions. Me either, not in a group of that ‘few’. But promising will be, im taking the action to check all of my foods taken. To prevent for sure.
I saw my cousins..which are her kids. I try to be empathy but it seems that i just succsess to be more sympathy. I try to make them happy not as usual. I am the strict cousin so i treat them like my sister..but now, everything turn NOW, each time I talk to them, my hearts turned different and at the saame time it teachs me to be more greatful and thank full to whatever I have. Hope that KIDS will be tougher than I do.
At last day da most touching day where i failed to hold my tears. My aunt was crying when advising her kids and the last part she called my name.. she already remember me! And I will bring wherever I go what her said…
Syida belajar pandai-pandai, jadi orang bijak macam ayah syida, jadi orang penting macam ayah…”
And, she repeated again and again by changing the word from ‘ayah’ to ‘mak’..that’s the reasons i couldn’t hold longer my tears. She called me then..
“Meh duk dekat..nak pegang tangan anak saudara nih. Bila nak datang lagi..?”
I cried more. I promise insyallah i’ll come next 2 weeks that mean next week. A drop fall. The end drop.
“Kenapa nangis, kita kena kuat..,” she asked. I lied that today’s too hot. Oh, i can’t wait any longer or i’ll cry worst..

::’colek’ that my sis made but deep inside me, I sad::


::I smile but I cry. They smile, they cry but they felt::

p/s : To all kind readers, do click the button ‘read more’ if you wish so. You might see my page a bit longer to click it but do to do that. Something wrong somewhere happen as I put some code..hee~




~ oleh INFINITY di Mei 10, 2008.

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