…dan aku!

Damnly tired! not even a single note i read completely. What will going own to my OSPE..wawawawa! Scared..but not extremely even a step to change taken..aduhh, what should i do..hmm, taking a little nap?? hahahah~

Pingpong?? Owh, i fell in love with this game! I still remember naddy told me that there were only pingpong left for our ko-k. The rest, canting batik n catan ( if im not mistaken)..then, i just said, ok! Without any interest n without any satisfaction..owh pingpong?? Pingpong?? oh damn! Even bet ( it is the true spelling?? Whatever~) i never touch..then i have to play?? Memalukan diri..dats the best word to say!

But now????

…janganlah kamu membenci sesuatu sebencinya, kelak kamu akan menyayanginya…

What’s going on?? i felt damnly sad today..bcoz there were no pingpong anymore in our USMKK for KO-K..sadis bangat! What should i say?? What more?? No more!

For the very best coach i ever had, Mr Nik Nashron ..im gonna miss playing pingpong in a proper class! Seriously, n i wanna dedicate my truely sorry for having diz such bad feeling about ping pong..wawawaa..im gonna miss this moment..ever n forever..is it?? insyallah!

” Why do you choose pingpong as ur KO-K programme..and i answered..because no other choice and the rest that i like has full already. Then, i have to choose this..there you go..Pingpong! (hahaha..not dat happy actually)..”

And now, I AM SAD!

Ko-K’s day..huhu! Pingpong..huhu..looser..im a looser! But i didnt mind a bit! I get the experience..being the cool refree( cool? i spoiled all the double pingpong!)..ehem, for single..i have that credibilty to be cool, great, cute..hahaha n whatsoever REFEREE.. !Love it much!

Ika? Hang kalah ngan ms HUDA cute ya! Hmm..wat i wanna say ’bout her today?? Teater..eii..JERK! why do i say so?? u guys think it..think it properly..fairly..u will get the reason why it should be jerk! Nice story..for a ..a..a…~ actress..should be MENGINSAFKAN..should be TIDAK..tepuk dada tnya IMANMU!

Presentation..OSPE..Infomatik..C.A Speedio..owh, trase tidak terlarat dan tidak terbawa segala ini. Dan aku..letih untuk itu. Namun..


If it is what we call DUGAAN therefore i deserve that KEINDAHAN..but the time to gain it is secret..i do not know..maybe will know..n may be will not..n whatever it is.. i will try..have to try..never stop..never end..INFINITY!

Owh Appliance… sakit!!! Waiting is mean hurting! hurting my mind..myself..my feels..my teeth n for sure my stomach..LAPAR!

dan, indahnya rasa kenyang itu..

cepatlah dapat pakai braces.

To Mr Nik Nashron..thanx ya being a very nice coach..suddenly, I LOVE PINPONG! (Asgmnt tak buat lagi..hehehe)


What else? No else..


~ oleh INFINITY di Mac 22, 2008.

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