…the time has gone…

semalam hari lahir aku yang ke 21. Pertama kali dalam hidup aku dapat kek hari lahir..terharu sangat. sangat-sangat buat sahabat baru kukenali, own..dan sahabat secourse, nad dan azah. Thanx for giving me this such unforgetable moment.
The time has gone. I’m not longer 20. i’m already 21. im getting older, nearer to death 4 sure. this is my second time joining bloggin. friendster? yeah, dat one the first place..i deleted it. for no reasons. no reasons?? not really..for a reason that should be forgotten.
having a diner at FOOD VILLAGE. what a very funny journey! what a very much unpredictable moments. why do i say so? for the first time in my 21 years, someone sang to me a very nice ‘happy bsday’ song. i couldnt say anythng but just staring with an impress feeling. i didnt knw what to say as i didnt realize there’re still hope overthere..what hope?? lets time solve it..for me..for sure..
what was lingering in my mind rite now is what i said to a future dr.,ruzaini (wat a fierce damn cool leader, sorry to say..hahaha)…”nak membesar cukuplah susah, tapi nak mati..sekelip mata je…” im 21, is there are any certificates dat can ensure me that i can reach 22? no and never?? what should i do..oh tuhan..
seandainya dunia tiada warna, tetapkan kukagumi… the very meaningfull song..
arghh..im hungry..but, for this poisonous remorval, i couldt even eat porridge. its suck! but for my healthy future life..(if there is still have life for a girl name me..) i do! i do accept whatever i have to. even i’ll be thin for this sake..hahahaha. thin?? like im very fat rite nw..!! yeah, thats what i feel..im getting fatter..its healer, isnt??
im waiting for something, wanting for somebody..staring for nothing..whats going on?? me myself in confused..let time solve it..lets time..lets time…and when???
INFINITY of it..
dear own, azah n nad…no words can i say by having u guys in my short life in here..
im missing myself..myself has gone..for place that i lost where is it actually.. help me find it, help me get my way out..of this teribble damn hurt feels, spaces, and whatsoever that call it..misereable.
i love u, guys..

~ oleh INFINITY di Mac 18, 2008.

2 Respons to “…the time has gone…”

  1. Allah knows the best..
    mg dkurniakn yg terbaik buatmu! 🙂

  2. dan Allah juga mengetahui apa terbaik buatmu…

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